The creation of fibre composite designs is extremely complex but at the same time it offers the designer a multitude of options for component design that can be precisely tailored to the requirements.
Our challenge is to develop holistic and economic designs that are matched to our customers’ capabilities.


We view design not only through fibre composite tinted glasses. Fibre composite design certainly offers many unique advantages, but not necessarily for every application. Your advantage in working together with us is that we have a free choice of materials and will also consider metallic or hybrid structures.

Component development  Functional integration  Analytical laminate calculation ● FE structural analysis

Mould construction


The construction and quality of a mould defines not only the characteristics of the component surface but also has a significant influence on the complete component manufacturing process. Working closely with our partners in mould construction, we are continuously developing mould construction strategies for different application areas.

Form follows function

We offer guidance with the selection of the mould construction process, develop tailor-made mould concepts for your application and create the required documents for manufacturing.

Infusion features & mould edge creation  fibretemp®-mould heating  high precision direct-tooling  out-of-autoclave moulds

Test laboratory

As a leading engineering services provider we test new materials and verify their properties ourselves before we use them in calculations. Since 2012 we offer the following testing services to our clients:

DSC analysis per ISO 11357-1
determination of the glass transition temperature of thermosetting plastics
Quality assurance

Dielectric measurement
In situ measurement of the curing progression for thermosetting plastic matrix materials

Tensile, compression and shear tests
comparison of designed/as built laminate properties
collection of material properties

Guidance and training


Manufacturing technology
 Production layout
 Tender specification
Optimisation potential analysis
Do you need a short-notice assessment of the quality of a design or a structural calculation? We would be delighted to hear from you!

Fibre composite processing and repair
Infusion techniques, planning and setup
Fabrication of fibretemp® carbon fibre heating fields

In collaboration with our longstanding partners, we offer one stop solutions and arrange direct contact to highly qualified companies we trust.


Product design Mould construction  Component manufacturing  Surface enhancement  Comprehensive material and prototype testing