About fibretech composites



Through many years of activity in a great variety of industries, diverse research tasks and development initiatives, fibretech composites has a broad base of experience, knows the specifications of regulated industries and can provide a refreshing viewpoint outside the box.

Theory and practice

“Could there be a simpler way?” is the ever-present question that the fibretech engineers strive get to the bottom of, not only with the help of the latest CAD software, but also in practical terms with our own test and research laboratory. In doing so, the intensive interlinking of theory and practice is a unique selling point and an important factor in the success of the engineering office.

Engineering Value

We are focussed on the means and methods of achieving your goals.

In in-depth exchanges, we question the obvious and uncover methods to realise your requirements with economical use of funds.

In doing so, you can be sure that we as a design team will bring the full scope of our experience to bear and will find an appropriate means to bring your project economically to fruition.

For us it goes without saying that we will test new materials and processes ourselves and verify material properties before using them.


Jens Brandes, CEO